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Payroll Services

Are you too busy with running your business to handle the accounting? Would you rather leave the accounting & payroll services to the professionals? Look no further than the certified accountants at Strate Accounting Accounting & Payroll.
Our experts know that you don’t want to just trust anyone to see to it that your employees are paid correctly and in a timely manner.
Count on Strate Accounting to be there when it counts for help managing time cards, paychecks, and tax allocation. To learn more about our Business Accounting contact us to speak with one of our certified business accountant today!

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Time Cards

Track your employee’s time spent on the job hassle-free with help from Strate Accounting. Our accountants understand the importance of making sure your employee’s time is accurately tracked.
When it comes to PTO, sick time, and vacation time we will help ensure it is correctly entered so that your employees are paid accordingly.

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Ensure your employees receive their hard-earned money with Strate Accounting’s paycheck services including; preparing paychecks, paying your staff, and reporting payroll taxes.
We understand that accurate payroll is important for a business; especially when it comes time for you to do your taxes. Let us save you time and money by handling your company’s paychecks.

Analysing Data

Tax Allocation

When it comes to tax allocations, Strate Accounting understands the ins and outs of business taxes. Why waste days or weeks attempting tracking payroll taxes?
We know that your time as a business owner is valuable. We are available to see to it that your payroll tax allocations, W2, W3, and 1099 forms are complete and correct.

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