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Business Accounting Services

Managing your own business accounting can be time-consuming. Let Strate Accounting free up your time. We value our clients and work hard for them so they can have more time for their business.
Trust our qualified accountants to manage your books and ensure that when tax time rolls around that all of your business accounting for the year has been done correctly to avoid penalties.
Strate accounting is your trusted service for managing your business accounting; chart of account, receivable and payable operations, and reconciliation services. Contact us today to set up a consultation.

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Chart of Accounts

Do you need help tracking your cashflow? Don’t wonder where you are spending your money. We will organize a chart of your business accounts.
A chart of accounts allows us to have a comprehensive overview of where your money is coming and where it is going to adequately budget for your maximum return on investment (R.O.I).

Analysing Data

Receivable & Payable

Get help handling your revenue when you call on Strate Accounting to handle your account payable and receivables.

We use a trusted and reliable system to make sure your business revenue is protected and secured by handling statements and invoices, posting checks and credits, and handling aging reports.

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As a business owner, we at Strate Accounting understand the importance of staying on top of your finances. It can be hard to navigate this on your own.

Trust us to see to it that the balance in your checkbook and your financial statements for your business is correct. Our trusted accounting service will handle your bank reconciliations so that your cash flow is optimized

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